Tsvangirai's MDC Destroys Zimbabwe Mining Town

This the Town Crest for Redcliff Town, which has now been completely destroyed by the MDC-Tsvangirai, which is running it. Despite claiming that the country has turned a corner and things are generally improving, the town has had its water, power and telephones cut off. They have not paid salaries to staff since March last year. Despite this, MDC-T Councillors in the town make sure that they are paid their their monthly allowances (which are salaries, basically) without fail every month.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 07 January 2010

The MDC-T has managed to run a thriving town in Zimbabwe into the ground.

Redcliff, a mining town, is controlled by the opposition but is now in so much trouble that it has basically ceased to function. They have had their phones and electricity cut and can't even get their own act together in order to supply themselves with water.

This has resulted in the Council itself using the "bucket system" for their toilets!

Workers have not been paid for four months and the arrears on salaries alone now stand at US$420 000.

Redcliff Mayor Joseph Matewa confirms that the town is in dire straits, and he himself says that money that has been coming into the Town Council coffers has been abused. It is a trend such as we see at the national level, with the new MDC-T elements in government seeking to satisfy their personal needs and wants first before doing anything for the people who elected them into their positions.

Police have now been called in to investigate the abuse of funds by the Redcliff Municipality.

"We have serious cash problems. We have not paid our employees salaries since September last year and the unpaid wage bill is now US$420 000," said Mayor Matewa.

Meantime, to show the truth of the fact that the MDC-T councilors are only looking after themselves while their town collapses around their ears, they continue to get their allowances monthly (and they have now just got a pay rise as well). These allowances are being paid without fail and religiously even as Council employees go for months without their own pay.

The Councilors pay themselves even as their town runs out of water, electricity is cut, phone lines are cut and the whole thing basically goes to rot.

If the party really believed in democracy, transparency and good governance, the MDC-T councilors would have foregone their salaries in order to put everything back into the Council coffers and allow bills and debts to be paid off.

Private enterprise does it (as was the case, for instance, when a president of Chrysler put himself on a US$1 annual salary in order to concentrate on the job of turning the company around).

Now the mayor says that his council will lay off people in order to launch a turnaround strategy. But this is just a pipe dream, even by the mayor's own admission, because the council does not have any money with which to pay retrenchment packages for any workers that they may lay off.

Here then we have proof of the incompetence of the MDC-T in power. There is absolutely no excuse for what they are doing to this town. None at all. With the dollarisation of the Zimbabwean economy and the fact that prices in Zimbabwe are just ridiculous, this town should be a viable concern and should actually be thriving.

But, of course, the basic problem is that the MDC-T look at their presence in the corridors of power as a means for feathering their own individual nests, an opportunity for them "to eat."

What more when and if they do get to run this country, which has so much potential and which can become a real First World country in Africa?

There is now a tendency amongst MDC-T supporters and apologists to say that "all politicians are alike" and that this was to be expected. They are now too embarrassed to say what they used to say before, that the MDC-T was "different" to ZANU PF and would be without corruption and greed.

Their purpose now is to make Zimbabweans lose hope, to make them think that they have no choice but to accept the corruption of the MDC because every politician will turn out to be as corrupt as the MDC and ZANU PF!!

This is patent nonsense, of course. But they hope that this de-motivates Zimbabweans enough so that they do not look elsewhere for an alternative to the MDC-T. Essentially, the message is "We are as good as it gets and everyone is like us."

It is pathetic, isn't it?



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