Mugabe and ZANU PF Plan Massive Protest Marches

With the MDCs controlling both the Education and Health Ministries (David Coltart of the Mutambara MDC is seen above being sworn in by Mugabe in February), ZANU PF now feels free to "take up the cause of the common man", as was explained to me today. The next few weeks will be very interesting indeed.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 22 August 2009

Robert "The Solution" Mugabe and his party, ZANU PF, are plotting to unleash massive protest marches all over Zimbabwe in a move designed to directly undermine the two MDCs in government.

This morning, a ZANU PF official was telling me that the party has been receiving "thousands" of protests and pleas from desperate parents who are being asked to fork out US$80 for examination fees for their children at government schools.

"They want us to do something about Coltart (the MDC Mutambara minister of Education) and the collapse of the health system. The Old Man (Mugabe) agrees".

The marches could come in the next two weeks, the ZANU PF official says.

It is not surprising that Mugabe would agree to take this route. Only last month, he publicly asked if this was "an Inclusive Government of hunger and poverty."

Zimbabweans will almost certainly fall this, as is their wont. By championing this cause, Mugabe and ZANU PF are calculating that it is the MDCs who will be seen as imposing intolerable burdens on the population.

As a socialist/communist, Mugabe has always tried to "look out for the ordinary man in the street." This is what has actually led to the economic crisis the country is facing because, even though they could not afford it, the ZANU PF regime printed money to buy forex in order to supply "basic commodities" and "farming inputs".

They controlled prices, destroying the viability of local businesses but instilling a false "hope" in people that this was a sustainable way to run the country and bring about a recovery.

Now, however, with Tsvangirai and the MDC trying to pull the wool over people's eyes, declaring a recovery where none is evident, where people continue to have no access to safe drinking water (as the United Nations pointed out last week), it is Mugabe, the author of the people's misfortunes, who now has the opportunity to act once again as the people's champion.

The Prime Minister, as the man in charge of "policy formulation and implementation" is left holding the can.

This move by ZANU PF was certainly predictable, in light of what I have been telling you for some time now, that ZANU PF are now acting as the opposition party, firing off criticisms of Morgan Tsvangirai and "his" government in the state media at ZANU PF meetings.

Last Monday, as I also told you on this blog, in their weekly meetings, Mugabe is reported to have accused Tsvangirai to his face of administrative incompetence because of his failure to reverse the suffering of Zimbabweans. This was during a discussion on sanctions.

It is also certain that these protests by ZANU PF will not be stopped by the police, so the stage is set.


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