Mugabe Talks Nucelar With North Korea

Kim Yong Sam, seen here with Jacob Zuma on 10 May, two days before he met Mugabe as head of the North Korean delegation in Zimbabwe, is the de facto Head of State in North Korea, although he is officially the 2nd in Command to Kim Jong Ill. His delegation included representatives of "power and energy" companies as well as a Korea Defence Force Colonel. A Barter deal is in the offing, involving uranium in exchange for rehabilitation of our crumbling electricity infrastructure and expansion of current power stations.

Robert has apparently been talking nuclear power with North Korea.

The dictator in Zimbabwe met with a delegation from the Kim Jong Ill regime and representatives of DPRK companies.

The delegation was led Kim Yong Nam, who is the 2nd in Command in North Korea after Kim Jong Ill. In fact, he is widely regarded as the de facto Head of State in that Communist country.

So this was high-powered delegation indeed and it was coming straight from South Africa, where the North Korean de-facto Head of State met with Jacob Zuma.

This is a tour headed by the Head of State. They don't come much more high-powered than that.

Kim Yong Nam is the one who meets goes on foreign trips, meeting with the Russians, South Koreans and so on in the last two months. Kim Jong Ill himself has only ventured as far as China, where he went when his country was in the grips of famine. He came back with trainloads of grain and other aid from the Chinese.

But we are getting carried away.

The businesses represented in the delegation are interesting to say the least.

Mugabe was not accompanied by his Prime Minister when he met the delegation. In fact, he cancelled a meeting called to discuss essentially the fate of his Coalition government with Tsvangirai (the outstanding issues meeting) in order to meet with the North Koreans.

Although he attended the launch of STERP by Tendai Biti, he absented himself yesterday at the launch of "the next hundred days" plan of the MDC-PF government.

Amongst those in the North Korean delegation were:

  • Jung Sang Kwon - Korea National Defence Forces
  • Colonel Gap-sik Shin - also of Korea Defence Forces
  • Myoung Reul Huh (huh?) - Hyundai Construction vice-president (Power and Energy)
  • Chang-Mok Lee -Chief Rep of South Africa-Korea Electric Power Corporation
There were also Civil Engineers and Construction experts in the delegation.

Mugabe is quoted by the Herald as telling the Nuclear-missile-launching North Koreans that Zimbabwe has plenty of minerals in the ground. It only needs appropriate technology to get them from under there. There is more goldfields waiting to be explored than had been found so far, he told them.

The presence of military officers in the delegation should be duly noted.

Kim Jong Ill is scouting around for a place where he can get even more uranium for his game of chicken with the United States. He has already defiantly launched a test missile and has managed to get away with it.

He only gets bolder.

Mugabe, for his part is now desperate to restore the fortunes of Zimbabwe so that he does not have to leave the stage in disgrace. Seeing the light at the end of the Bretton Woods tunnel extinguished, he is now going out on a limb and gambling with one of the most sought-after and dangerous minerals known to man - uranium- which makes nuclear bombs, which can reduce London to ashes in a matter of seconds.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

If this was a transparent democracy, we would ask for a transcript of the closed-door meetings Mugabe had with the his visitors. As it is, we have to make do with the words of those who have been briefed about this.

It could be scaremongering. But I doubt it.

Like I said, these are desperate times for the MDC-PF government. Desperate measures are called for.

And did you hear? They gave Mugabe some High Rank in the sport of Taekwando, which is a form of wrestling. The sport is catching on fast in the world. My son goes to classes of this sport!!

Mugabe? Wrestling?

We thought we had seen it all!


  1. Denford, you are confusing the DPRK (North Korea) with the ROK (South Korea). The people you mentioned in your blog (the defence minister and Hyundai) are from the ROK. Two entirely different nations you may imagine.

    As you well imagine the ROK and DPRK don't get along since the end of the Korean War. I just find it hilarious that as soon as the DPRK were in the country, the ROK immediately sent a delegation to meet with the president. The ROK were the ones who gave Mugabe the black belt in Taekwando, NOT the DPRK

  2. Farai,

    Right you are. But the cooperation at a business level between the North and and the South since the much-touted "thawing" of their relations I would compare to what was happening between East and West German where, by the time the actual wall itself fell, provisional agreements for mergers and acquisitions had already been made.

    That said, I understand the nuclear talk talk itself would have been with Kim Jong Ill's Number 2, the North Korean Head of State, Kim Yong Nam

  3. Quite correct on Co-operation. In fact the reason the ROK are doing that is to show the people of the DPRK what they are missing out on, and hopefully they will overthrow the government!

    As regards cooperation on the Nuclear front, I think you can understand why the ROK would do everything they can to prevent the DPRK getting. Hence Mugabe may be playing both off to get a better deal!


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