Mavambo Launch Update

Dr Simba Makoni is seen here at the World Economic Forum, addressing the "Reconstructing Zimbabwe" Session

The launch of Mavambo as a political party, which had been agreed by the Party Formation Steering Committee to be set for today, 13 April 2009, has now been put back.

At a meeting of Conveners (Heads of Department) last Saturday, held at the Mavambo offices in Harare, the Conveners asked for more time to finalise plans for the launch ceremony in their own areas. Because the launch ceremony can only be held once and the new party wants to launch with a huge bang, they felt that they would rather delay than rush headlong into the whole affair.

So, later this month, detailed plans for the launch ceremony itself, as well as the logistics, will be finalised at a retreat of the Party Formation Steering Committee, which will also be attended by what Mavambo structures are there in the Diaspora (South Africa and Botswana are particularly active at the moment), at a secret location here in Zimbabwe.

After that, the definitive announcement will be made as to the venue and the logistics in place to get people to the launch venue.

Interest is huge.

Since Monday, when people read in a newspaper coming out of London that the party would be launched today, Mavambo offices have been overwhelmed with people seeking to become members.

The party leadership has now been forced to put extra at the offices in order to handle the upsurge in numbers. Staff members who had been eagerly giving out their mobile numbers are now regretting this.

I found one sitting on the carpet this morning, saying SMS messages he has been receiving have simply overwhelmed him!!

Meantime, it appears the MDC-T especially is quite worried about this. I and two other colleagues got phone calls from senior MDC-T officials yesterday asking if Makoni, "is going to launch a comeback"!

As if he ever went away!!

They were there at the ZCTU celebrations (addressed by Tsvangirai) on May 1, and they saw the reception that Dr Makoni got from the people.

For those who missed it, when he was introduced by Mr Chibhebhe, the whole stadium went wild with cheering and it would not stop.

Sitting in the VIP tent right in the middle of the ground, it was rather difficult for Dr Makoni to hear what was being shouted by the crowd.

Eventually, Mr Chibhebhe announced through the Public Address system: "Zvanzi ngavabude mutende tivaone...." - meaning "the crowd says he should come out of the tent because want to see him."

He came out and waved to the cheering crowd.

(This is the main reason Morgan Tsvangirai, in his speech afterwards, specifically told the crowd that Mavambo has been invited to take part in the Constitution-making process. The fact of the matter is that we have received no such invitation.)

So the man remains popular and is perhaps now the sole hope people have that things could change in this country, hence the cheering.

The country is hungry and ripe for change, it appears, and Mavambo wants to ensure that they emerge into the sunlight in a fitting manner.

This blog will update you as soon as the retreat is done and the new, bigger venue and dates are set.


  1. Georgina MurwiraMay 13, 2009 at 7:59 PM

    I was just wondering how on earth we were going to do away with this inclusive government which is failing to deliver anything, besides worsening our plight by the day. The days of the inclusive government are numbered now. Simba kaOne. He is the only level headed gentleman who has the ability to deliver us from this evil called inclusive government.

  2. Brighton MbwandoMay 13, 2009 at 8:03 PM

    Yes please, this is the moment we have been waiting for. Simba Ndizvo!

  3. Aha! Inga makeke chaiwo. Hamuchinzwa zvee. Iye zvino mavakutaura manje. Ko ndozvinoitwaka, tochinyatsosudurutsa ava vakatinyepera ava zvakanaka, kuti vaone kuti havana kungwara. Tosangana kumavhoti. Rwendo runo hazvikoni, tinomuvhotera chete Simba, nekuti anoreva chokwadi.

  4. Thank you so much Mavambo. The launch is long overdue. We were duped by Tsvangirayi when he made us believe that if we vote Simba Makoni, Simba Makoni will then take our votes to ZANU PF. Now we have realised that indeed it is Morgan Tsvangirayi and Arthurt Mutambara who have delivered our votes to ZANU PF. Once beaten twice shy. I tell you these guys won't get away with this during the next elections. I for one am more than prepared to change my ways and work with Mavambo for the good of this nation.

  5. Sarudzayi MasedzaMay 13, 2009 at 8:35 PM

    I am one of those that cheered up Simba at Gwanzura stadium. The guy is just popular, and proved himself man of the moment. You cannot take away anything from him. The whole stadium burst into rapturous applause and stood up in honor of this humble but very intelligent son of Zimbabwe. At least the coming in of Makoni brings reasoning into the political landscape of Zimbabwe. You are the next President of Zimbabwe Simba. Well done, Zimbabwe loves you, as you shall see for yourself in the near future.

  6. I can not wait, Simba KaOne.Zimbabwe should brace up for mature and responsible politics,


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