Tsvangirai Goes To Botswana

Morgan Tsvangirai's close aides and children ardently advised him to leave the country immediately while the party conducts its own investigations into the crash and the MDC leader walked out of the Avenues (see picture above) and flew straight to Botswana.

Tsvangirai's departure betrays the fear within the MDC that this might have been a hit and not an innocent accident.

There was concern and confusion earlier today when it was reported that Tsvangirai had been moved from the Avenues Clinic but had not been taken to his house. There were suggestions that he might have been moved to either Mugabe's clinic or Manyame Ar Force Hospital.

It turns out he was whisked to Bostwana. He is likely to stay there while the investigations continue and there are no indications at the moment as to how long that might be.

Tsvangirai's wife, Susan, died on the way to hospital. The medical rescuers had intended to take them both to the Avenues Clinic, since Mrs Tsvangirai was talking when she was pulled out of the wreckage. But en route, the medical staff noticed the deterioration in her condition and stopped off instead at a hospital in Beatrice, a farming district along the Harare-Masvingo Road.

It was there that efforts to resuscitate her failed and she was declared dead on arrival. Morgan Tsvangirai's brother, Mr Casper Tsvangirai, issued a statement today saying arrangements for the burial of Mrs Tsvangirai would be announced once government and the MDC have been consulted. 

Since it is unlikely that the Prime Minister would stay away for the funeral, it would be a good bet to say that he will be back in Zimbabwe before the week is out.

If he does not return, then you can almost certainly be sure that there will be a crisis in Zimbabwe, because that action would say a lot about the future of the Coalition Government which Mr Tsvangirai heads.

Mr Tsvangirai will most likely be joined in Bostwana by some of his children, including two currently studying in Australia.

Zimbabwe Television is still playing games, claiming on the main evening bulletin tonight that Tsvangirai was still at the Avenues Clinic. It is unlikely that that they had not been told of his move, which was filmed as he left the Avenues.

More likely, the government was too ashamed to announce that a critically injured Prime Minister, who was in a horrific accident only yesterday, would pack up and leave country to be treated over the border in the country of Mugabe's arch-enemy, Seretse Ian Seretse Khama.

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