Simba Makoni's Mavambo Interim Structures Around The Country

As the process of transforming Mavambo into a political party rolls out across the country, a lot of people all over the country are coming in to the offices of the movement as well as sending emails through to us asking to get involved in activities that are being planned.

Below, I supply toda the contact details for the interim Provincial Coordinators all over Zimbabwe. You can get in touch with them if you wish to be incorporated within your province into the work that we are engaged in at the moment. Head Office is not in the habit of imposing people on regional structures and offices. So, it would not help anything to seek to get involved at the national level. The way the new party is being formulated, wards, districts and provinces will first be constituted and it is these that will then feed leaders into the national structure. 

For those seeking to be part of the movement, the best way would be to get enagaged at the local level. These structures will then nominate members to be part of the national leadership at the National Convention to be held after the process of putting structures in the provinces is completed.

Here then are the people to talk to to get involved in your province:

Mr. Fabian Nkomo          Bulawayo            (09) 482 860 or 011 396 208 
Mr. Esau Ncube                 Mat. North           (013) 40736 or 0912 369 262  
Mrs. Loraine Sibanda     Mat. South           (084) 22318 or 023 359 550 
Mrs. Esther Mujeyi           Mash. East           (079) 22606 or 0912 330 841 
Mr. Michael Gonye           Mash. Central     011 609 981 
Mr. Kindness Paradza    Mash. West          091 2 915 954 or 011 806 426/4 
Rtd. Col. Brian Mutoti    Midlands              0912 728 518       
Mr. Renny Mahachi         Masvingo              0912 296 086, 011 865 954
Mr. George Kawonza       Manicaland          0912 478 726 or 011 877 758


  1. Hopefully those in the diaspora will get contacts soon, too...

  2. They will, as soon as they come to hand and the documents that heed discussing are actually in the hands of the leaders in the diaspora. Don't despair yet, we are just getting warmed up.

  3. you are taking too long to form a political party. what exactly is hindering progress. People are saying mavambo ava magumo

  4. I do understand the impatience. There is also discussion in the movement about the speed at which this is going. The majority view is that it is better to be methodical and thorough in laying foundations than rush to form a party that will have a short shelf life. The process, as Provincial Coordinators will explain, is that the constitution (or highlights of it) will be disseminated to the grassroots, who will put in their thoughts etc, after which there will be local elections up to Provinicial level. Then, the movement will hold a national convention where the national leadership will then be elected by delegates from all provinces. We can not have that convention now because, really, who will elect the leadership at national convention (or congress) when there are no structures in the provinces to send delegates?

    I also know that Dr Makoni is especially keen to have such aspects as the name of the new party, term limits for office holders, philosophy of the party etc debated and agreed upon in the provinces before they are adopted by acclamation at a national convention. It is quite a process, as you can see, and if we are serious about creating a long-lasting party that will unseat MDC PF (the new "inclusive government") at the next elections, then we need to have deep roots, stretching all the way to the wards and districts of Zimbabwe.
    Hope that clears up matters?

  5. my friend zimbabwe is burning right now,kana imba ichitsva you dont need to be methodical.You need to act as soon as possible so that you can stop the Fire. So what you need to do is to act now create structures now and get to the people.Right now mavambo is suffering from identity crisis you also need to rebrand the party so that it can be acceptable to the people. the party should be visible.


  6. Its a debate that is going on at the moment in the movement. Unfortunately, the majority seem to hold the view that it is better to be thorough and end up with a good organisation than fly by the seats of our pants and end up with a mess of a party

  7. you need to have followers first, then when you have followers you then transform it into a good organisation. Mavambo had a sizeable number of supporters during march 29, but supporters were left in the wilderness and some even crossed flows to madc and zanu pf. so you need followers first. But if l my ask what thoroughness l you talking about maybe l am lost, because the draft constitution is already out.

  8. granted. The constitution may already be out, but people need to be given time to debate it and make input, so that it comes back to the national office from all provinces and the most consistently recommended ammendments are incorporated. Then, and only then, will you have a basis upon which people can follow you. Unlike the MDC, we don't intend to have people follow the party just because the others have failed. They need to see a programme and a promise (embodied in a FINAL constitution) that they can believe in. That sort of support will last, whereas the support that comes to you only because of disenchantment with ZANU PF or MDC is transient. That is what the MDC did wrong. They have no policies that a core of supporters can explain to anybody or how those policies will transform Zimbabwe into the preeminent country in Africa. South Africa is already going to the dogs as we speak and Zimbabwe needs to emerge from its problems ready to take up the mantle of moral economic leadership in Sub-Saharan Africa. A party that is serious MUST base itself on these long-lasting policies and strategies.
    People like you, passionate, raring to go and clear-headed, can help immensely in this regard, and I am happy that we are having these exchanges, this is what the new party should be all about: SPEAK OUT, show different sides of the same argument and the result will be a better party and better policies. It is the reason why that constitution must be debated to death by the people out there!!!

  9. my friend this train which we are talking about must move with the people, but at moment this train is empty right now . the problem we have as zimbabwean is that we want to come up with a perfect constitution at one goal wonder why the draft constitution of 2000 floped. constitutional making is a process not an event. l think the approach which you intend to use at moment is not ideal in zimbabwe because of the complexity of our problem. so please be situational remember people are not waiting for Mavambo /NAD TO resurrect.

  10. Well, a constitution is a very important document. And you are right that making it is a process, not an event. Which means you also accept that it does not happen in two days. Which explains the delay in formally launching the party.....I think you see how this is taking just a bit of time. Question: what would we achieve by hurrying? There are no elections scheduled in the next two years at the very least. Realistically, there will be no elections for another FIVE years, Mugabe will never agree to have them sooner. So, what do we achieve by hurrying?

  11. Lets get it right the first time!Zimbabawe is burning thats so true, but if we plan with sense and purpose for a better stability for the future we will hopefully not have the need to be firefighting all the time.Lets just not take too long about it lest we loose all focus! I am happy to hear that there seems to be some progress with the movement, as i too was begining to wonder whether the movement had collapsed before offering many Zimbabweans out there with a sound alternative party(to the very limited choice on offer currently!!) for the progression of Zimbabwe.

  12. You will achieve competitive edge, party integrity and confidence if you rush. Do you know that the breakaway ANC dissidents have already announced that they are going to launch their party this year on the 16th of December 2008 To answer your second question a political party is not just formed for the purpose of an election, instead it is formed to protect, shape and maintain democracy. A political party must be the voice of the underprivileged.

    MDC AND ZANU PF they are active on the ground in a preciation of the electorate support. Were are we as a party????????????????.

  13. i love one thing guys.

    when dr makoni fought for the zw$ devaluation he was saked from the cabinet. but later what happened.

    during the march 29 dr makoni stressed the inclusive gvt idea as our way out. as you know many could not understand him, hence voted otherwise. but look everyone is hoping for the talks to materialise i.e an inclusive gvt.

    in short am not worried about what people say pertaining either mavambo or Zimbabwe Union of Demecrats. one day they shall come back to their senses and understand what we stand for ( a better Zimbabwe).

    gents the beginning is about to herald.



  14. I didn't see contact details for Harare. Are we supposed to join one of the Mash provinces or there's an omission? I'm keen to be part of this people's movement, please advise!

  15. Thanks guys. Thanks Andy for noticing that. Harare is in the process of firming up its own interim structure. They are due to meet this week to finalise who is the Provincial Coordinator. For now, you can drop into the Mavambo offices on 9th floor Old Mutual Centre, cnr Jason Moyo and Third Street and see one of the guys there, who will be happy to point you to the people arrnaging all this.

    That's good insight, Tinashe. Every idea that Makoni has ever expounded is later taken up by the people who were deriding him when he made it. Do you hear a word now from the MDC people who were saying NO GNU and accusing Makoni of being ZANU PF because he was a realist. Today they are all cheering Makoni's brainchild. But they would rather die than admit that these were Makoni's ideas, because doing so would confirm his superior intellect and leadership skills

  16. Thanks Team. Please continue the good work. Zimbabweans are naturally a switched on people. From the lady selling tomatoes by the street corner to the bank teller behind the counter. Very soon they'll realise(they do already) Dr. Makoni's unquestionable wisdom as many of these examples are propagated.

    This movement has so much support & we're raring to go. Zimbabweans don't deserve such shoddy leadership as we have witnessed over the years! We're better than that!

  17. Silver, your concerns are legitimate - I think there are many opportunities to be exploited and political points to be scored in the present context. I am one person who - The Team can confirm - soon after the March elections suggetsed that Mavambo should start mobilising serioulsy to avoid losing the momemtum that Dr Makoni and others had built so nicely. When a cooling off period followed I began to despair, but when things started shaking up again recently, I started engaging Dendford and others through this platform.

    On the same note, I agree with The Team that thoroughness is needed at the very beginning. At least now there is an indication that things are moving forward. I however suggest that, in the interim, Dr Makoni and others who have been the face of the movement be increasing their visibility and taking opportunities to preach the original message. One thing that Zimbabweans don't like is opportunism - when Dr Makoni announced his candidacy people cried (incorrectly so) "Opportunist"! I told my friends that this was not true but they could not believe me - as the party is being formed, I am sure they will change their prejudices.

    By the way, yesterday I wanted to say to The Team "be cautious about coarse language". For instance, in one of your postings you have labels like "the evil Governor of the RBZ", "devils", etc. I think we can be assertive without being aggressive in our language - I like the language Dr Makoni used during his campaign - that is the language that will win the day.

    by Glen, the Regional Diasporan

  18. Thanks for that Glen. And Thanks also for the reprimand. Taken. You can be assured we will keep away from that language in future.

  19. Do you any structures for the diaspora and if so, how can we be in touch with them? any email addresses that work?

  20. It would interesting to imagine how much Obama would have fared against the likes of Kibaki and Odinga in Kenya, can we learn from American democracy that gave the genius in Obama the chance to get the nation into the change they so desperately needed despite his colour and connection with Africa, despite the fact that in Africa, Kenya specifically, Obama would have struggled more and most likely would have failed to win. We might not realise it but we have a greater and more experienced genius in Dr Makoni than in Obama, and he is the man we must trust as God sent to take Zimbabwe out of economic collapse and political dysfunction into the long journey towards economic emancipation. He is the man who can set the political tone to build the best democracy Africa has ever seen. Let us pray to God that the current regime in talks will not cause a condition of civil unrest, and inhibit a good destiny for Zimbabwe under the servant leadership of Dr Makoni from being realised. Guys i hope you realise that this movement is our lifetime opportunity to change the destiny of our generation, of our children and their children, Zimbabwe can not afford to miss this glorious gift from God.ZUVA RABUDA! IT IS DAWN NOW! KEEP IT UP GUYS!

  21. am not far from home and am prepared to work for the betterment of our country & I think the Mavambo movement will offer that chance to some of us who are tired of cheap politics in Zim. The team should keep us informed but be wary of elements who might pretend to be on our side..bob is in power but he's not a happy man. He knows his days are numbered & he won't stop scheming against those who are even more determined to see him out.

  22. Having spoken about the need for at least a democracy standard as of America which elevated Obama to the position of presidency despite his Kenyan roots, i write again appealing to the team and the rest of Zimbabweans on the political front to refrain from the use of violence and murder to suppress voices of different opinion. Elliot Manyika joins the list of people who have died mysteriously in cold blood.Another accident just before another ZANU PF congress!Oh dear Lord, when will You set your people free? thank you Dr Simba Makoni and the team (Together Each Achieves More) for being the only the voice with the genuine and rare tone of tolerance, and reconciliation to every patriotic Zimbabwean, God bless you and our nation.

  23. its time for mavambo to roll now as there is nomore opposition in the country by elton


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